User Profile

The personal account stores the user data after the registration.

  • Client's name;
  • Client's last name;
  • Company name;
  • Email;
  • Phone number.

These data can be modified at any time by the user.

To find the information in your personal account, click on the user menu in the upper right corner and select the "Profile Settings" tab.


This tab stores the personal information of the user. If you need to add changes:

1. Select the necessary field;

2. Enter your changes;

3. Click "Save Changes".

Please, note: If you change your email address, the login information of your personal account will be also changed. Wait for email confirmation on updates. After confirmation, please use a new email as a username to log in to your personal account.



In this tab, you can change the password for your personal account.

To continue:

  1. In the pop-up areas, enter your current password and a new password;
  2. Click "Change password".

     After the password has changed, wait for a confirmation email.


To deactivate your account, click on the red button "Deactivate account". Our managers will receive the request and will contact you to confirm the operation.

Please, note: After the deactivation process of the user account, the company's account will not be deleted.


The Developing tab contains information for your software developers. If you need to integrate with third-party services, copy the API key from this tab.