Getting started

All the main setup is carried out in your personal account. Passteam service has 3 pricing plans.
All the following options in the account are structured according to the chosen plan.

1. The "Basic" plan includes the following:

- The "Сustomers" tab stores information on cards that have been created. Here you can search for a specific client, see if a specific card has been installed, send cards via Sms or Emails to the selected clients, importing or exporting cards, as well as making push notifications;

- The "Online form" tab allows you to set up an online application for card-issuing for customers. You can copy the link to the online form and post it on social networks or website, or you can download the ready-made QR code for the online form and put it at the reception desk. Learn more about the online application.

- The "Card Design" tab allows you to customize the appearance of the card in Apple Wallet and Google Pay. Learn more;

2." Standard" pricing plan is updated with the following options:

-  The "Triggers" tab allows you to add additional automation to existing cards. Learn more about triggers;

- The "Text" tab  allows you to set up and send texts to users with a link to thу card, as well as configure recurring text messaging;

 - The "Geolocation" tab, allows you to set up notifications by geo-position. Push-notifications come to the client when he is within a radius of 100m from the specified point;

3.The "Professional" pricing plan also includes the following tabs:

-  The "Deduplication" tab allows you to find all recurring customers by choosing a variable.

- The "Email" tab allows you to send cards to customers via Email, configuring the subject and content of the email, as well as setting up recurring customer notifications via Email;

- The "iBeacon" tab  allows you to set up push notifications on iBeacon trackers;

- The "Barcode" tab allows you to configure the barcode format of the loyalty card; In the "Link to application" tab there is a field for the application key, which allows you to place application icons on the cards in Apple Wallet for an instant downloading;

- The " Generating numbers" tab, allows you to configure which criteria will be used to generate card numbers.

1. How many days the created card will be valid for the client? - The card is valid until you delete the client from the CRM.
2. What is a personal account and how can I log in? - In the personal account all the process of creating and managing the virtual loyalty card takes place. You can log in to your personal account using the "Login" section on the Passteam website.
3. If I have my client base, can I still use it? - If you use one of the CRM systems that we have ready integration solutions with - then yes. If not, you can use the CSV file import from your CRM.
4. The company has its mobile application, is it possible to integrate with your product, and how we can proceed with that? -Integration is possible using API methods. There is documentation on the Passteam website.
5. Is it possible to calculate how the integration of your solutions will affect the company's financial performance? - Our completed projects increase the frequency of purchases by 20%.
6. Do you have online support? - Yes, we have the support that answers all questions by phone, email, and chat. We also have a Knowledge Base, which describes all the functions of the system.
7.Do you have online support? - Yes, we have the support that will answer any questions via phone, email, and chat. We also have a Knowledge Base, which describes all the functions of the system.