Multiple Languages

This article describes how to use one or more of the selected languages for displaying client's information on cards.

Passteam allows you to set up the virtual card information display in several languages. You can set up the card design and the online form for issuing cards in English, Ukrainian, and Spanish, in addition to Russian.

The interface of the service is available in Russian and English - you can switch it in the "Card design" tab from the side menu. The language switcher is located at the top of the page.

How to use one language

During the initial profile setup and in the section "Company settings" (right top corner → tab "Languages") you can choose which language will be used for information on your card ( name and content of the fields) and also an online form for cards issuing.

For example, if you specify English as one language, all the data that the client will see on his card, as well as the online form for issuing the card, will be in English.


                                                                          Loyalty card 

Use more than one language

Just like when you choose to work with one language, you can set up multiple languages during the initial profile setup and in the "Company Settings" section (upper right corner → "Languages" tab).

If you work with several languages, the fields are automatically translated into the language that is installed on the customer's phone.

For example, for a client with the English language, it will appear "Bonus".

When you set several languages, in the "Card design" tab from the side menu you need to specify the name of the loyalty program, as well as additional information for these languages. According to the chosen number of languages, the number of fields will increase - in the corner of each field it is marked in which language the information should be filled in.

Please, note: All the information you have entered manually during card design setup does not translate automatically. Please, use online services to translate it.

While using the online form, the client will be asked for approval to identify current geolocation. If the client declines it, he or she will be suggested to choose the language before filling out the application form.

If you select a language on the customer's phone which is not in the default settings, the card will be downloaded by default with the information in English.