Enrollment form

In your personal Passteam account, you can create an online application for the distribution of virtual loyalty cards. By completing this form, the customer can immediately install a virtual card on their smartphone.

To set up the application form, please visit the "Enrollment form" page.


Customers are identified by their phone numbers. If the phone number is already in the database of your CRM system, the service will notify the client that he already has a card and will offer to install it.

In case if it is a new client, once the phone number is entered he will be offered to fill in the form further (name, date of birth, gender, and Email). The client will install his card and you will receive the details that he filled in the form as a new client card in your CRM system.

Additionally, you can activate the number confirmation via Text message.
The service is provided by IQSMS service.

                                                      Way of identification


Please, note: If the phone number identification is activated, enter the details from your personal account in IQSMS.


                                                   Connection to IQSMS

Enrollment form

Setting up guidelines
The online card application form can be either of two types:

Option #1. Do not create new users. With this type of application form, only existing customers can get a virtual card;
Option #2. Create new users. This type of application allows a new customer to fill in the form and set up a loyalty card.

If you want to issue virtual loyalty cards only to existing customers, choose option #1 "Do not create new users", and in the section of the page text "Your card is not found" put "Standard text" or "Use your own text". The page with this text will be seen by a user who is not your client when he will attempt to install your virtual loyalty card.

                                         How to create a form only for enrollment

In order for users to receive a virtual card immediately after the registration, you must select option 2 "Create new users" and add the necessary fields to the application form for registration.

To set this up:
1. In the " Application form" section that appears, click on the "+ Add field" button;
2. Select the field from the drop-down list, for example, "Name";
3. Select other fields you want to add to the client's registration;
4. If it is required to add a new field, move the slider to the right;
5. Click Next.


                                                             How to add fields for a form

Please, note: Only standard fields can be added to the application form. You cannot create fields for the form by yourself.

Link to the user agreement 

In this section, you can place a link to the terms and conditions that users will have to agree to in order to complete their registration in the loyalty program (click the checkbox at the end of the form).

You can use the standard page with the service offer or use your own page, adding the link to the terms and conditions.

The visual appearance

The style of the application form

Your online card issuing form can be customized to match your corporate style.

  1. Choose the background color of the application form and the color of the button (you can set up exactly your colors by entering the color codes);
  2. Upload your company logo by moving the slider to the right (maximum image size is 1 Mb).
    The right side of the screen displays the modifications of the form. Thus, you can see how the form will be shown to new clients.

                                                   Set up the style for enrollment form



Links for publication

After creating and saving the online form, the system generates a unique link that you can post to your social networks or website.
In the "Source name" section, there is a ready-made link to the online card issuance form. Copy it and place it in a visible spot for users (for example, in the header of your Instagram profile).

                                                Link to the online enrollment form

UTM tags

In addition to the regular link to the online form, you can add a link with a UTM tag. The link is generated automatically, the only thing you need to do is assign a name to it.

By placing this link on your resources, you will be able to see where your customers with installed cards are coming from. You can check this information in the client list by putting the "UTM tag" filter.

Next to the ready-made link to the online application form, there is a ready-made QR-code, by scanning this code, users will get to fill out the form. The QR code can be downloaded for printing or you can go to the marketplace and order promotional materials.

                                       QR code on the online form for issuing cards

Reset application settings

If you need to create a form first, click on the "Disable" button to quickly reset the settings.

                                                                                                    How to disable the form

Please, note: After the application form is deactivated, links to the published application form will be blocked. The settings of the application form and UTM links will be saved.



1. Can I download and install a card from a website/social network? - Yes, the card can be issued using the online form. You can set it up in your personal account.
2. Is it possible to create several different application forms within one account? - We will soon implement this functionality. Currently, only one online application form is available for one account.
3. Does the link to the form update after any modifications in the form? - No, the link is fixed and does not change in case of any updates in the application form. After ordering the branded materials, you can also edit the form, the previously created materials will stay valid.